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Gary's Vintage Writing Instruments

For the local residents of Colorado, or the visitors who come to Colorado Springs, take some time to drop by my Vintage writing instrument shop located at space B27 in the Treasure Shoppe store at 324 E. Pikes Peak Ave.  Downtown Colorado Springs. 
I specialize in usable vintage pens.  These are pens that have class, are produced with USA manufacturing and represent old school design. 

  Examples of my stock are the Cross, Pelikan, Sheaffer's and Quill pens I have on hand.  Some are rare,. such as the Cross pen with the Apple Logo that became rare with the passing of Steve Jobs.   Many of them are either Roller Ball, or Ball Point and for those who are comfortable with fountain pens, I have some select fountain pens that are sure to suit your taste

The one thing I don't have is collectors prices that are out of reality.  I believe in collecting pens that are usable, excellent quality, classic and distinguished. Also check out the Vintage Hand Blown Paperweights and the ornate desk set from the 1930's 

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The Treasure Shoppe - 324 E. Pikes Peak Ave,  Colorado Springs, CO.   Space B27